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Corporate and Secretarial Services

Need Help in Mississauga, ON?

As a corporate business, accounting is an integral part of any successful business.  Administrative tasks, client concerns, financial planning and proper accounting are all services we can provide your business. At Taxvisors, we give you an affordable rate based on your individual accounting needs. Our strategy includes looking at past year tax filings, and current accounting methods in order to pinpoint how depreciation is being handled. Our corporate accounting solutions and secretarial services will give you the tools and insight needed to succeed.  

Your Trusted Outsource Partner

Outsourcing your corporate accounting and secretarial services can help you navigate the corporate world with maximum benefits. As a private firm, we outsource only the best accountants and partners. Allowing us to take care of the daily tasks will give you the time to focus on running your business the way it needs. Our expert team of professionals will consider tax law, company goals and how to maximize your profit.  

At Taxvisors, we offer flexible appointment time slots that accommodates your schedule. No matter what questions you may have, our team can put together a plan that will help you become more efficient immediately. 

If you’re ready to explore how our unique accounting services could benefit your organization, then contact us for more information at 888-892-1592 with no obligation. 

The Taxvisors Advantage:

  • Bookkeeping Services Starting from $200 per Month
  • Incorporate Your Business Today From as Low as $99
  • File Past Year Taxes For 50% Fee
  • Flexible Appointments – Evenings/Weekends
  • FREE Consultations
  • Over 20 Years of Experience